Welcome To the World Of Cannabis Extraction

There are multiple ways to extract CBD from the cannabis plant. For Biolief, the best way to get the purest CBD oil concentrate is through CO2 extraction. For some users, this commonplace extraction method is well-known, but as more people are introduced to the benefits of CBD and cannabis, they are wondering what is involved in this process. As a CBD oil producer that believes in honesty and integrity, Biolief would like to open the doors and introduce you to this process.

What Exactly Is CO2 Extraction

Simply put, CO2 extraction is a method to separate and extract certain compounds within plant materials. This is not the only method of doing this, but it has plenty of advantages over other methods and has been a staple in other industries for decades. First popping up during the 80s, CO2 extraction is used to do a number of things like decaffeinate coffee and create essential oils and fragrances.

CO2 can do this because it is called ‘supercritical.’ This term is in reference to the fact that at certain temperatures and pressures, supercritical solvents like CO2 can show properties of solid, gas, and liquid. During this time, these supercritical solvents can break down and separate some compounds from other materials.

CO2 Extraction Process

So what actually happens when a Florida CBD oil manufacturer extracts cannabinoids from the cannabis plant? Let us talk a walk through the process together and find out.

It all begins when CO2 in its gaseous state is run through a chamber that subjects the CO2 gas to extremely low temperatures and pressure. This process causes the gas to turn into a liquid, which gives the CO2 special properties. Once reheated and pressurized, the liquid CO2 becomes supercritical.

After becoming supercritical, the liquid is passed through a chamber that contains the raw hemp material. The supercritical CO2 liquid is able to gently dissolve the membranes of the trichomes to grab the compounds within. The solvent is now packed with compounds and travels through another chamber that will fluctuate temperature and pressure to sort of shake the compounds apart and separate things like cannabinoids and terpenes.

The final stop on this journey turns the leftover liquid CO2 back into a gas. The gas can then be reused and run through with new materials in a process called closed-loop extraction. The separated compounds are then refined and modified to fit the desired product, such as a CBD oil or a topical cream.

Benefits Of Using CO2 Extraction

There are a number of reasons CBD oil producers turn to CO2 extraction more than any other process. CO2 can be especially advantageous when used in botanical processes like hemp extraction:

  • CO2, or carbon dioxide, is a naturally occurring substance. In fact, our bodies produce it all day long. It is also colorless and odorless, so there is no effect on the end product.
  • It’s safe. There are a number of other solvents, such as butane, that can and are used in extraction processes. Biolief feels these have too many disadvantages and are not as safe for everyone involved.
  • CO2 can preserve the compounds within hemp and cannabis better than other solvents since it can become supercritical at lower temperatures. High temperatures have the chance to actually destroy some of the compounds you are hoping to save.
  • The ability of CO2 to alter its state with temperature and pressure give it a special ability to separate cannabinoids like THC and CBD more effectively

Thanks to the special properties within the naturally occurring CO2, we are able to use it to make a number of fine products. When it comes to hemp and cannabis, CO2 goes even further than other solvents in providing a high-quality and safe end product that we proudly stand by.  There are a log of CBD oil myths.  We hope this tour through a CO2 extraction process was informative. Questions and inquiries are always welcome as we strive to be an open, honest, and transparent company.

Our only goal is to provide you with a clean and safe product to help you feel a little better and enjoy the day.