We calculate commissions on a twice a month basis with the commission week running from the 1st-15th and the 16th- EOM. Any and all commissions earned during a given period will be paid out either on the 20th or the 5th of the month respectively.  For example, if you earned $500 from January 1-15, we would run the report and payroll on the 20th and you can expect that payment in your account the morning of the 21st.

Please note that refunds will negatively affect the pay out and may account for slight fluctuations in your commissions because a refund or charge-back causes us to pull backdollars generated from a negated product purchase. This review process will be completed by noon on the 20th & 5th.

You must have accumulated at least $25.00 in commissions for a payout to be released.

We do not pay on new sales reps registering under a consultant.