If you wish to do a chargeback for a purchase, then your account will be put on hold and possibly terminated after review. Credit Card chargebacks have a myriad of consequences and repercussions to our company which is why we prefer to resolve any issues directly. A chargeback not only affects the company, but you the Consumer or Consultant and any future individuals that wish to benefit from the many wonderful things hemp and the business can offer.

Before you pursue a chargeback, be sure to email Support@BIOLIEF.com to resolve the issue prior to contacting your card company.

If you are a consultant –

When you initiate a charge-back, an immediate suspension will be applied to your BIOLIEF account and any commissions due or forthcoming may be withheld, at BIOLIEF’s sole discretion. The chargeback investigation may take up to 6 months. During this time, your account will be suspended until the chargeback investigation is completed and resolution is achieved. In some cases, a chargeback may result in termination of your BIOLIEF account, in BIOLIEF’s sole discretion, with no liability on BIOLIEF whatsoever. In the event of termination because of a chargeback, the Consultant will forfeit any commissions due, withheld or forthcoming.