Once you have successfully placed an order, it is immediately sent to our fulfillment center for processing. Generally, all orders are sent out the following business day from which it was placed. For special circumstances, there can be delays due to holidays, inclement weather, natural disasters and any other unforeseen natural disasters. If one of the previously listed event is set to occur and you place an order, you will be notified.

Once it has been processed and prepared for shipment, you will receive an email to the address listed on the order to notify you your order has been shipped. The shipping notification will contain your invoice number, shipping method, shipping address, tracking information and the products shipped.

We estimate delivery could take up to 5* days depending on the carrier to the destination address.

*Note* this is an estimated time-frame and the order potentially could arrive earlier or later! Once the parcel has left BIOLIEF, it is beyond our control for unexpected delays or damages.