15 MG Capsules – 30 Count Bottle


Our CBD Veggie Capsules contain CBD oil from the Hemp Plant that is purified using Super Critical CO2 extraction.
The active CBD oil is microencapsulated and the capsule enteric coated to target release in the lower GI to allow maximum absorption for bioavailability.

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The capsules are filled under nitrogen to prevent oxidation.
This is dietary supplement, produced in and FDA registered facility.
The proprietary delivery system utilizes two proprietary techniques which ensure maximized CBD absorption in the gut.
CBD oil is uniquely micro-encapsulated.
The capsule is enteric coated to ensure zero degradation in the stomach. The CBD oil capsule’s enteric coating provides a barrier to stomach acids from the CBD oil.
The unique enteric coating has been specially engineered to provide a protective coating that will only break down at a pH level of 7.2, whereas your stomach has a pH level of 1-3.
Your pH level increases as you move along your small intestine away from your stomach. This design ensures break down after the first 12 inches of your intestinal tract, optimizing absorption meaning you absorb more CBD than you would from a normal capsule – bioavailability of 70-80%
Ingredients: THC Free CBD Oil, Vegan Capsule

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