Collaborative Partnership opportunity

When you SIGN UP as a BIOLIEF Collaborative Partner, we will provide you with a SPECIAL LINK to our website that you can share to your network and potential comsumer base through your webite, blog, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and other engagement sites. You will EARN MONEY for EVERY CUSTOMER who PURCHASES from YOUR LINK and recieve special pricing on products! SIGN UP NOW to Start Building Revenue!!

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For Consultants

A Consultant is a direct marketing representative for the company. They utilize their current network in order to obtain sales and build a team. They refer family, friends, colleagues and have a network of small businesses that want to offer our products and services in their brick and mortar locations.

An affiliate is a company, group or group of individuals that have specific “affiliate” strategies. This typically comes in the form of a formal network of ONLINE marketing professionals that utilize very specific online strategies in order to refer business to the BIOLIEF site.

If you are an individual that was referred by someone, you are more than likely in the Consultant category and can sign up right away and get started immediately with us.

Affiliate relationships must be approved by us and require additional contracts and strategic conversations.

We offer individuals an opportunity to generate income by simply sharing our plant-based products. As a consultant you are set up in the system and can begin reaping the financial benefits of sharing a product that you love and believe in!

The thought behind offering an opportunity to Consultants is simple. We welcome and offer Consultants an opportunity to generate income by sharing our incredible plant-based products.

Upon enrolling, Consultants have immediate access to a host of resources and tools, created to help share our products and services with those who know can benefit.

Contact an existing Consultant for more information on how to get started. If you don’t know an Consultant, our support team will be happy to help you find one in your area or we can enroll you directly!

To become a Consultant, you must enroll under an existing BIOLIEF Consultant or under the corporate entity. We work on an honor system, so if someone did in fact enroll you, you must give credit where credit is due, or we will deem that you do not align with our values and will not be permitted to be part of our AWESOME network and opportunity.

If someone shared our products or the business opportunity with you, they probably are a Consultant, or they are a customer of one that you can reach out to. Ask the Consultant for their replicated website information. This will be followed by their username on this website (’username’.), and you can enroll directly under them!

If you do not know a Consultant, you can register under CORPORATE and we will be more than happy to assist you! We can even find a Consultant in your area that can answer your questions and help you enroll. Support can be reached via email at or by submitting a ticket by clicking here. Please provide your location and the best method of contact, preferably phone, but email works too!

The biggest benefit is being a BIOLIEF Consultant – If this works for you and loved ones and the census as a whole, with no side effects, why would you not want to share it with the world!!

As a BIOLIEF Consultant, you have potential opportunities that abound on a global scale, as we open countries around the world.

Our compensation plan is so awesome that we want to share it with you, but not the public. There are also a lot of people that come to our site just to purchase products and we don’t want to minimize the consumer experience by attaching a dollar amount to it either.

Once you have enrolled as a consultant, you will be able to view our Compensation Plan in the resource center. If you would like to know this information prior to registering risk free, please contact us, and someone from our team will reach out to do a personal consult with you. I can tell you this, we have done our research and coming from 15 years of medical and corporate consulting, we have put together the BEST compensation plan.

The collaborate page is for CONSULTANTS looking to sign up with us so that they can begin referring business to BIOLIEF through a replicated site so that they may receive credit for all sales and direct deposit of commissions.

This is Biolief agreement for all representatives. This outlines our expectations of you as a trusted representative as well as the legal ramifications for not staying in compliance.

Yes, all representatives must click “I AGREE” which acts as a Signature for you the rep.

You will be taken to a page that will allow you to officially JOIN OUR TEAM!!!

There are several options for Joining.

  1. You can JUST SIGN UP.
    1. This means that you are not purchasing any products for yourself, you are just registering as a Consultant. We always recommend taking advantage of the rep signup cost of 70% off, but is it not required.
  2. You can start with a STARTER KIT.
    1. This gives you the option to try our products at a substantially discounted rate.
    1. This package is for you if you want to put a kiosk in your office. This is highly recommended for small businesses and physician offices that do not want to purchase bulk product upfront yet want to be able to recommend products from their offices. This kit comes with an IPAD and KIOSK for you to conveniently put in the office. There is not monthly maintenance fee and if you choose to no longer be a BIOLIEF representative, you can return both items and receive a portion of the initial cost back (70%) due to restocking costs.

NO! Multilevel marketing (MLM) also called pyramid selling, network marketing, and referral marketing, is a controversial marketing strategy for the sale of products or services where the revenue of the MLM company is derived from the purchase of products up-front, monthly recruit minimums, sales minimums, monthly recruit, volume, tiers, etc.


What we are is a TEAM of motivated medical and health and wellness professionals that want to provide an opportunity in the marketplace. Yes, we recruit; yes, we train; and yes, we make commissions on sales. We believe that the work you do gets rewarded, no minimums. We are a hybrid of several industries and have take what has generated substantial revenues for us and others in the marketplace together to provide a wonderful opportunity for you.

No, but, because of the nature of our business, we started with a core team of people, so from our perspective, most often, you heard from us by someone. That person may not be a consultant, but a consumer that referred you to the site. We like to send thanks or give them credit for the referral, so please make sure that you reference that person!

As a Consultant you will receive a commission for every bit of business you refer and as a result, we are required to report all of that to good ‘ol Uncle Sam. Your information is kept in what is called a tokenized form, which mean that no one can view you personal identifying information.

Yes, we want you to be comfortable with how you are represented to the outside world.

It is whichever you prefer. You can register as a business and use your personal name on your site or vice versa, or register personal name, use personal name. Any variation is acceptable. You know your network, use what you think people will remember you best by. REMEMBER, you are YOUR OWN BRAND!

This has something to do with the system that at this point in time we cannot override. The benefit to this is that your information will be ready to go when you are ready to purchase products as well.

It will ask you to verify all your information and then ask you to confirm to charge your card.

You will then get access to your Back Office and your products (if you ordered them, will be on the way!)

Yes, you are permitted to run a both at a trade show to advertise and sell BIOLIEF products as an Independent Consultant. However, you must first submit all the marketing materials being displayed at the booth, in addition to the following form for a compliance review.

Trade Show Approval Form

Please submit these items well in advance of the trade show so you’ll have time to make any corrections if necessary.

BIOLIEF will consider any request for refund as the resignation of the Consultant and their position with BIOLIEF.

1) Notify Consultant Support by sending an email to requesting a resignation refund for products purchased within the previous 90 days. No exceptions. A copy of the original sales receipt will be required with the return shipment. Please state the reason for your resignation. We will provide you a form for the return.

2) Notify Consultant support what products are being returned and include an order number and date.

3) The product being returned must be in its original packaging, in a marketable condition, unopened, unaltered (no stickers or labels) and resalable.

4) Return the product and the completed and signed form to BIOLIEF at the address found on the form. Please include a copy of the original sales receipt. Proper shipping carton(s) and packing materials are to be used in packaging the product(s) being returned. BIOLIEF will not refund any product that is delivered damaged or not in a marketable condition. All returns must be shipped to the address found on the form. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the Consultant returning the product. BIOLIEF will refuse any return shipments sent shipping collect or COD. It is recommended that you chose a shipping method that allows tracking and delivery confirmation. BIOLIEF is not responsible for lost or misdirected shipments. It is the responsibility of the Consultant to trace, insure or otherwise confirm that BIOLIEF has received the shipment. BIOLIEF will not accept any returns without a signed form.

5) All procedures and requirements listed here and on the form, need to be followed in order to receive a resignation refund. Refunds will be issued by Company check. If original order was placed using cash, refunds will be issued by Company check, please allow thirty (30) days for processing of all refunds, credit cards or cash.

6) Refunds issued do not include shipping and handling costs. Refunds are based on the purchase price of the product.

7) BIOLIEF will recoup any commissions or other compensation paid when the product that generated that compensation is returned. In order to do so, we will deduct the outstanding amount prior to paying you any further commissions. If your commission check is insufficient to allow us to recover the compensation through a deduction, BIOLIEF will deduct the compensation amount from the refund amount owed to you.

Any product returned to BIOLIEF that does not meet these requirements will not be refunded. BIOLIEF will hold said product for thirty (30) days before disposing of. It is the responsibility of the Consultant to make arrangements for the return of said product. BIOLIEF will not pay any return shipping charges, all shipping charges will be the responsibility of the Consultant.

8) Upon receipt of unused, resalable items, BIOLIEF will reimburse you ninety percent (70%) of the net cost of the last purchase price or as otherwise required by law.

9) If the order was placed and processed through the merchant account and NOT shipped, then BIOLIEF will cancel the order per customers request. The refund shall be in the amount of no less than ninety percent (90%) of the Customer’s cost and appropriate set-offs and legal claims, if any.


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Consultant Commissions

We calculate commissions on a twice a month basis with the commission week running from the 1st-15th and the 16th- EOM. Any and all commissions earned during a given period will be paid out either on the 20th or the 5th of the month respectively.  For example, if you earned $500 from January 1-15, we would run the report and payroll on the 20th and you can expect that payment in your account the morning of the 21st.

Please note that refunds will negatively affect the pay out and may account for slight fluctuations in your commissions because a refund or charge-back causes us to pull backdollars generated from a negated product purchase. This review process will be completed by noon on the 20th & 5th.

You must have accumulated at least $25.00 in commissions for a payout to be released.

We do not pay on new sales reps registering under a consultant.

Active Consultant: In order to be considered ACTIVE, the Consultant needs to be signed up and registered as a consultant in the system. There are no other requirements. A new agreement will be sent out at the beginning of every year to renew. If you have been “inactive” – no sales or new business for 6 months, we will reach out as a courtesy and will deactivate the account if there is no interest or activity at that time.

Yes, you get paid on all orders from all customers that purchase through you. We do not pay on consultants personal orders that sign up through you as we are not Multi-Level marketing. This is a sales company and position, so we train and teach on sales and offer generous discounts to our consultants, in which case, the referral party would not make a commission on that referrals personal orders.

However, if you violate company marketing policy or the REFUND agreement, you will be terminated, and all your consumers and consultants will be move to a corporate account with no further commissions to you.

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