What are the State Guidelines for CBD Oil in Florida?

The cannabis plant is the source of numerous useful compounds. Chief among this is CBD oil. Early clinical testing demonstrates the CBD oil may have a beneficial effect on several illnesses and conditions. When these products are purchased from a reliable manufacturer like BIOLIEF, consumers can rest assured that their CBD oil is safe, natural and effective.

As a Florida CBD Oil Manufacturer, we find that there is a great deal of misinformation out there about our products and whether or not they are legal. We believe in being as transparent as possible, which is why we’re taking this opportunity to share some information about CBD oil, its uses and the state guidelines for use of this product in Florida.

CBD oil florida

Cannabidiol oil, or CBD oil, is an extract of the cannabis plant. It does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, which is the chemical that is responsible for the “high” sensations that are frequently associated with marijuana use. The absence of THC in CBD oil ensures that users gain the benefits of the product without having to deal with the psychoactive effects. Accordingly, CBD may be safe to use for children, people who operate heavy machinery and those engaged in other activities for which being sober may be critical.

CBD oil has been used with some success in patients dealing with the effects of cancer, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. However, early results from studies suggest that CBD oil may be effective for relieving chronic pain, curbing anxiety and aiding with insomnia.

That is incredibly good news for people who suffer from these conditions. However, it is important to understand that CBD oil is not necessarily legal at the federal level, especially if it contains more than 0.3 percent THC. These low levels of THC are supposed to allow the product to be classified as hemp under federal law, but this really only applies if the hemp is grown in compliance with the 2014 Farm Bill. Additionally, the federal Drug Enforcement Agency, or DEA, has made it clear that they consider possession of CBD oil to be a crime.

Things also are complicated at the state level, even in states where medical and/or recreational use of marijuana has been legalized. According to state law, it may not be necessarily illegal to possess or use CBD oil. This does not mean that there are no guidelines.

Recently, Florida adopted laws that make it legal for certain citizens to possess marijuana for medical purposes. These individuals must have a “qualifying condition” such as ALS, cancer, PTSD, Glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, seizures, Crohn’s Disease or a terminal illness. A physician must recommend that the patient receive a card that entitles them to possess the substance, which is obtained from a state-licensed dispensary.

Florida has adopted a similar law with regard to CBD oil. The law was signed in 2014, and it pertains to products containing 10 percent or more of CBD. THC levels must measure at no greater than eight-tenths of one percent in the mixture. Qualifying conditions include any terminal illness, muscle spasms, cancer and seizures. State-licensed dispensaries distribute these products, with home delivery being available.

Interestingly, Florida’s marijuana laws give doctors some latitude when it comes to prescribing the substance and derivatives like CBD oil. The law says that if a doctor believes that CBD oil would be helpful for a patient’s condition, then they may make it possible for patients to access it. This is extremely good news for people who want to see how CBD oil may benefit them but are anxious to not run afoul of the law.

What if your doctor isn’t willing to endorse your desire for a medical marijuana card? You may be able to find a physician who is more amenable to the use of CBD oil for medical purposes. Alternatively, you could take a slight risk by purchasing a clean, pure, organic CBD oil that is certified to contain less than 0.3 percent THC. This perfectly describes the products made by BIOLIEF.

As a Florida CBD oil distributor, we believe in providing safe and effective products to our customers. It’s also vital to our success that we comply with the letter of the law. Accordingly, our CBD oil always contains less than the 0.3 percent of THC that is allowed by law. We want our customers to know that they can trust us to deliver CBD oil that maximizes the benefits and minimizes the risks.