CBD Capsules

Our capsules are the most unique on the market, utilizing advanced technology to deliver unmatched high quality.


  1. Unlike most competitors who can lose upwards of 80% of ingested CBD due to the acidic environment of the stomach.(https://www.cbdoil.org/cbd-bioavailability/), our proprietary enteric coating serves as an impenetrable barrier to our micro encapsulated CBD.  And has been specifically designed to dissolve and deliver 100% of its contents 12 inches into the small intestine, far enough away from the stomach to ensure ZERO degradation and maximal absorption.
  2. Produced with the highest quality oil, THC FREE.
  3. Manufacturer’s Credentials: FDA, cGMP, DEA Schedule 1-5 facility.
  4. Microencapsulation helps to super-protect CBD oil from conditions that can spoil or change it such as heat, moisture and oxygen. Extending its shelf life.


Proprietary delivery system which utilizes Enteric coated capsules as well as micro-encapsulation. 

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